help, i think sophia is sick or maybe parasite, I'm new to chickens

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    Sophia my pullet hen is tucked in and head and neck pulled in. Sits still and closes her eyes, is not eating the veggies i give them each day, not roosting and is quiet. Something is not right. I read today about parasites and one starting with a "C" smaller name for a parasite name but I do not remember it, sorry. Said a parasite that is hair like in size and in the intestin causes them to head tuck, be droopy and loose stool, which is on the hen house roof for the last few days. I'm so concerned because I no nothing about them except this is nothing like she has been the last 2 months we have had these new 7 chickens. Do I go to the vet, do I get a parasite check or what, what about the 7 other
    chickens? Please help! I'm so concerned and don't know what to do and do not have tons of money to throw around with all kinds of
    tests at a vet. I will take her if needed, for sure, but thought someone out in the chicken world may know something to help first.
    Thank you. Julie
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    Julie, welcome to BYC.

    Does she have ANY other symptoms...runny nose, coughing, sneezing, runny poop, enlarged crop (hard or squishy), pale comb, droopy comb, does her abdomen feel ok on the outside, anything else? If she had intestinal worms you might see a lot of diarrhea, she would have slowly gotten more tired, she might be very thin.

    Check her for external parasites. Look at her skin, especially around the neck and vent areas. External parasites can drain the life out of the bird. Check underneath the roost bar in the coop for bugs and eggs. You might want to clean out the entire coop, spray for bugs and replace the bedding.

    Is she of laying age? Is she egg bound? (Look at her vent and feel around it. You might feel or see an egg. You can even put on a tight surgical glove with some KY jelly on the index finger and gently feel inside her vent if you suspect a stuck egg.)

    If she has no other symptoms, it could be something internal. If you have a country vet around that can see her, they will usually not charge you much for exams. Any vet that sees parrots will sometimes see chickens.

    I am sorry your Sophia is ill. Check for anything you can find on her and that may be a clue as to what is ailing her. [​IMG]

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