Help identify us!


Apr 19, 2014

New to the forum and ducks. Love these stinkers!!! I know Oats is a Khaki but unsure of sex. Quakers is either a magpie or aconda. Mark and Crusoe have is stumped. Can anyone help? TIA.
Thanks!! We were really confused on the rouen vs mallard. I'm hoping I have mating pair. One has developed a white spot on the back of it's neck. Also they came from the same batch but one is a lot bigger (fingers crossed). The geese are African despite my daughter's hope they were toulouse.
Today was the first time outside ever and they were supervised. My plan is to make a coop for my chickens and a separate one for the ducks & geese all enclosed in one large run. I live in a rural town but I know there are occasional critters. I'm sure my yard will become a magnet. I hope to get started very soon!

Yanno, I put them all in the tub earlier to swim. There was nothing better than 2 drying goslings in my lap sleeping while their duck siblings were still swimming
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