Help identifying a chicken!


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Been to our local motor club meeting tonight and one of the guys there had a chicken he was looking to home! He found it in an abandoned caravan, on its own... it's only young, as you can see from the pics....

I'm planning to take it to the local chicken farmand see if they'll take it on..... if not, we might just keep it!

Anyway - here he / she is!!








does anyone know what kinda chicken it is?? and what to feed it?? it was very thirsty til I put the catbowl of water in with it lol...
Give it some water, and you can give it medicated chicken feed for the babies that will help them grow a little bit. Also make sure you have a heat light to keep it comfy!
thanks for that.... I've never had a chicken before, lol....

any idea what breed it might be?? I'm guessing from the size it's probably about 6 weeks old?
She might be a mix.
And I'm thinking that she's more of about 4 weeks old.

For now, you can scramble some eggs and I'm sure she'll gobble it up right away. When you go to buy feed, make sure it's chick starter or chick starter/grower. Not adult chicken food. She's too young for that.
Some Walmarts even carry chick starter...if you can get to a feed store they would have feeders/waterer and the right food for sure. I agree that she is younger 3-4 weeks...she could be a Australorp, that's the only thing I've ever had that sorta looked like her!
thing is, I'm in the UK..... will see if I can get to a pet feed store tomorrow

I'll go and try some scrambled egg now!
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she's a girl, and appears to have a black back and black wings, a white breast, and a few wisps of orange/brown on the hackles... right?

I've never seen a breed like that! So it's most likely a mutt, and, if not, you can look up the Feathersite--they've got every breed under the sun!
You should keep it, I'll bet it'll make a great pet.
Poor little thing!

By the way:

Kinda thought you were British....what is the American equivalent for a caravan?

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