Help identifying abnormal blob in duck egg


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Nov 26, 2020

My Golden Hybrid Layer recently started laying. Although most of her eggs have a very thick shell, this one was nearly shell-less and had this odd yellow abnormality inside the egg. It is completely separate from the told. Can anyone help identify what this is? (We have no males).

Honestly, I have no idea! haha, but if she just started laying its not uncommon to have weird things happen. I have gotten my fair share of shell-less eggs and fairy eggs from by girls when they started laying. I have one girl who happens to have a lot of blood spots as well in her early eggs. This is something I have not seen before in my girls or on the internet searches. I wonder if maybe its a start to a double yolk or maybe some weird deposit of some sort? What do you feed them/what do they have access too? I would guess that if you simple separated that part of the egg, the rest is still edible however so probably not a huge concern as long as your ladies appear happy and healthy?
Hi! I feed them Purina Flock Builder, but I just added the extra calcium and supplements since they started laying this last week. This egg was found in the garden, but I don’t know how long it’s been there. It could have been a week or so. I really think it was a first egg, but it is strange :)
Can you cut that blob in half and take another pic?
I'm not familiar with ducks and it doesn't look like a chicken lash.
I did cut it in half, but there is nothing different inside. Honestly it looks like a dissected brain.

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