Help identifying Arabian mare *AHA datasource members needed*


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I have this posted on the arabian breeders website, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well.

I got a wonderful Arabian mare in December 2010, and have been trying to identify her since then. I traced her owners back to a woman named Kim [who, was not an owner, but someone who helped the owner sell my mare.] Kim did not remember helping sell my mare [I guess she's done a lot of that stuff.] Anyway, she has been at a "rescue" type place since '04, she's guessed to be 14-22.. Her exact age is not known... I was told she is DEFINITELY registered, and DEFINITELY purebred. I was also told her sire is Darq but I'm unsure of that being true [seeing as the woman who i got her from had 40 horses and probably could not keep them all straight.] I guess she was trained for Hack..
Her leg markings go as the following: Front Right partially colored, Back Right White, Front Left partially colored, Back Left dark. She also has a star and a snip.

We call her "Sugar" but i do not think that has anything to do with her registered name.

Thank you all
[The leg markings are all approximate]

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