Help! Incubator Unplugged For An Hour! Tiny Quail Eggs!

Griffin Nest

9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
Today I had to unplug my incubator holding 8 button quail eggs to go in the car back to my house. The incubator got as low as 89 and the ride was BUMPY. I wouldn't worry so much if it were chicken eggs but these are quail eggs. MUCH smaller and more sensitive. WILL THEY BE OKAY?!
I have found Quail eggs to be much more fertile and durable than chicken egg's, Your only choice really is just let them go to term and see what happens.
I had quail for years and their hatch rates were always very high, regardless of the crappy incubator ( LG ) I had at the time and my poor incubating skills at the time. Anyway I guess I am saying that when I didn't know squat they still hatched well.
i understand what you mean
one time i had 15 button quail eggs SHIPPED to me on the hottest week of the year (105 degrees) 10 came cracked due to crappy packing, and ALL of them were FILTHY!!! I couldn't even see the shell on most of them. It was disgusting. When they arrived they sat in the sun for 5 hours before I got home, and it was 107 that day. I put 13 of them in the incubator. Even though the incubator had tons of temp spikes, 5 managed to hatch out and live
There you have it, so I am sure with just your little mishap you will be getting quail in no time.......... good luck.
I just finished a hatch and don't plan another hatch till late fall, but I will certainly follow your progress and help in any way I can, you bet.

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