Help! Is there anything I can do for her?


Apr 26, 2019
Monroe, LA
I have a week and a half old chick who I THINK has something blocking her digestive tract. She didn't eat all day yesterday and hasn't eaten today. She has taken sips of Pedialyte and of water. She's really weak this morning. I tried to give her egg yolk yesterday for some nutrition, but she wasn't interested. I've also tried to give her sips of coconut oil to try and help move whatever it is. She only pooped twice yesterday; both times liquidy. Her booty is pumping like she needs to poop but can't. I gave her a warm epsom bath this morning and blow dried her. Is there anything else I can try in order to help this baby?
I'm not sure exactly. Pics would help, if possible. I agree with Sasha-chickens, try feeding her yogurt. You can also put a little vegetable oil around her vent so her poo might come out more easily.
These were her two poops from yesterday


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