HELP..Is This Normal


8 Years
May 16, 2011
I have 4 bantam chicks all 5 weeks old... since day 1 the Old English Bantam would Sometimes (not all the time) do this "quick/fast" head shake like something was bothering him. He eats very well, drinks great, is growing Big....when i peek in on them....he hardly does the head shake...but if you Pick him up and talk to him...he starts shaking his head none stop.
I HAVE checked for mites, lice, and what not ...they DO NOT have any (even treated cage and birds with Poultry Protector just incase...they also had a round of antibiotics when they were 1 week old for preventative, and are on the chick starter......
Is there something I am missing, or is He just "sensative"???? He is SOOOO nice and sweet..and thriving....could it be the feather growth? or the noise that bothers him??? like i said mainly only when you hold him, other wise he hardly does it???
here is a pic of him, just because i love him


THANK YOU ALL for the help
My chicks always shake their heads a bit when I hold them close or pet them near the head. They nuzzle. They shake thier heads back and forth. They close their eyes. It is all very normal chicken behavior. He lloks perfectly healthy in your photos. If he eats, drinks, and poops growing well....and is active, clear eyed and alert....then he is likely doing just fine.

Nice looking bird by the way.

Good luck.
Thank you...He is the only one that acts like ( I guess the sound) is bothering him...but He is eating, drink, and pooping fine, and he plays and runs and has good activity.

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