Help - Jersey Giant blue x white ?? Eggs in incy with white chicks of other breeds, hoping these JG

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Help! I have some Jersey Giant eggs in the incy, blue hens x white cockerel. What colour will the chicks be? I've also white Plymouth Rock and white Wyandotte eggs and don't want them getting mixed up (I will put the PR and others in another incubator for the hatch, that incy has other eggs in it at the moment).

    So what would blue x white be? And, if you know, what would black x white and splash x white be? - It's something I've been wanting to know the answer to but never been able to find, and now I have only **17** days to find out!

    I think white may be recessive in JGs so does tgat mean the chicks will always be the colour of the other bird? Pretty sure you can only get white if you cross white x white.

    I know the other crosses would give an average of:
    black x black = 100% black
    black x blue = 50% black and 50% blue
    blue x blue = 50% blue and 25% black and 25% splash
    blue x splash = 50% blue and 50% splash
    splash x splash = 100% splash
    I think black x splash = 100% blue not sure, but the main thing is about white cross the 3 other JG colours.....

    ... Hope you can help?
  2. Alaskan

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    the problem is that white can be a very tricky color.

    There is recessive white, and dominant white.

    And, sometimes white doesn't completely cover the other color, only sometimes.

    Too confusing for me. Sorry.

    At least though, Rose comb IS dominant, so unless your Wyandottes are hiding a single comb in there, all of the Wyandotte chicks will be clear, since they will be the only ones with Rose Combs.

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