HELP leg color genetics: Australorp cross with Golden Cuckoo Marans


10 Years
Jul 9, 2009
I have both Australorps and Golden Cuckoo Marans in the same pen. I want to cross them to get productive hens with nice egg color. I am curious if I could still tell which birds are pure golden cuckoo marans hens though, in case the marans rooster (white/pink legs) mates with a black australorp hen (dark legs). Would the resulting barred hens have dark legs like the mama? I also assume they'd have less golden color in the next (if any), but just hoping leg color can help me tell them apart too, from the pure golden cuckoo hens. I know how to tell the roosters apart because any pure golden cuckoo roosters would have 2 barring genes and end up lighter color, with any cross-breeds being darker (only 1 barring gene). I just don't know much about leg color. I might want to separate them again later (once I set up another pen) and would want to be sure I can tell which are pure golden cuckoo and which ones are a mix. I don't expect to be able to tell until they get older, since I've heard leg color can change over time, but once they grow up, I'm wondering if I could tell at that point based on leg color.

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If both parents are pure for leg color the offspring leg color should be White and plumage color should be Barred and Black.
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