Help!!! Lethargic hen

Aug 10, 2019
Hello chicken tenders! I did a little bit of research but I’m not sure if I’m misdiagnosing this issue or not. Is there anyone who can give some insight?

I have a 3 year old silkie hen. She normally free ranges in my backyard until I let my roosters out. Then she goes into hiding and stays stationary throughout the day. At first, I figured that she’s scared of them chasing after her and didn’t think anything more of her behavior until a month or two ago I noticed that she hasn’t been eating as much. After holding her, I can easily tell that she lost weight (she’s now 1lb 6oz :hit.) I started bringing her in at night and feeding her. She was okay at first but now she has lost interest in food, especially her favorite ones. Is she just getting old or is there something else that’s going on with her? My parents are saying she is getting to that age, but I have a rooster and a hen around her age that are still very active and living their best life so instincts are telling me that there is something definitely wrong.

These past couple of days, I’ve given her Sav-A-Chick probiotic and electrolytes, and low fat plain yogurt with vitamin E but I don’t think it’s helping much. After doing a bit of research, I suspect that there might be something wrong with her crop? I don’t notice any bump because she hasn’t been eating much, but I do hear gurgling noises.

Her feather wings started to hang low last night and thinking that it might be sour crop, I started her with garlic water. I’m honestly at a loss and I’m not sure if I’m going in the right direction with this. Does anyone else have any ideas? 9CD3444A-8796-4CAB-B87E-7E0B78CBC62A.jpeg 376FF8A7-2D69-48AA-A87B-D5B64E5AFA07.jpeg 96EC0946-E7A4-4792-851E-8205C68D8951.jpeg 0A7A1E9C-E64F-4148-BD1B-2ED73F702727.jpeg 494B3247-7AD9-4922-ACBD-FA8D719C50F8.jpeg 08BBBE7A-5A05-4DDF-9274-B00E9BC72613.jpeg F5A4B8EC-B9E3-465B-BA60-F736D2A7C30F.jpeg C3B38DBF-3E36-48C7-8CA6-C1DDDF5A82E7.jpeg
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Her condition is still the same or if anything, it might have gotten worse. Her feather wings are still dropping.

The only changes I’ve seen is that she tried to stick her neck into her back/wing to sleep earlier today. I also noticed a clear sticky residue that’s been forming around her mouth.
Update: After giving her dewormer for a day, I found this in her dropping! 💀 BF63708C-C95F-41AD-8B53-74631272B550.jpeg
Her wings are still dropping but I’m slowly noticing little changes. She’s taking more steps and a little more interested in food.
714D43B2-3DE0-49AE-927E-3179821D3807.jpeg 8E33F08A-94A3-45CF-830F-81C18CFC69A0.jpeg
It’s day 5 and I don’t think her condition is improving much. She does show a little interest in food sometimes but her wings are still dropping and she’s still losing weight. I’m still giving her the dewormer and she did pass another worm through her droppings the other day but I don’t know what else I can do :hit CC895804-F8BF-43B4-ABB8-E0B2775A4DEE.jpeg A3049546-885B-4BD8-A227-E679F3103523.jpeg 59EF12F2-8EA5-4B2F-9F30-724750626E89.jpeg 65D574FB-8D32-4D9B-8632-D734928D8FDB.jpeg

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