HELP! Mandarin duck sneezing-what to use?

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    TSC has Penicillin G. I think my little Mandarin female might have pneumonia. I called the breeder to ask him about the noise she was making, kinda like a sneezy/cough thing. He said it sounds like the beginnings of it and to give pen G shot. She still acts normal in every other way. No drainage from eyes, nose either. I gave her a 10 day round of tetracycline (terramycin) but nothing changed. I thought I would try the Pen G injectable. The kind TSC has says it's for cattle, swine, sheep, etc. not poultry or ducks. It doesn't say "not for use in poultry or ducks", ducks and poultry just aren't listed. Is it safe? Or should I try something else? She is with all my other ducks too and nobody else makes this noise. Any suggestions?
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