help me figure these gals out?


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
New Hampshire
I have 3 pullets of mixed breed and I am a bit curious as to what they might be? The black one, the brown one, and the dark grey one in the corner.

This black one is Lady Jane. She has feathery feet, so maybe part silkie? Also, she has a "funky hairdo" as my kids say. :)

This dark grey one is Fairlight. I know she is a bantam breed, but not sure what kind.

This brown one is Mary. She also has a bit of the "funky hairdo".

All three are very sweet little ladies. Lady Jane and Mary are about 12-14 weeks, and Fairlight is about 16-ish weeks.

Thanks for any help you can give me! :)
Lady Jane almost looks like a Crevecour; Fairlight a blue Ameracauna (expect green, pink, or blue eggs from her when she gets to laying), and Mary looks like a Golden Polish - Ameracauna cross. If that's the case, it will be interesting to see if her eggs are white (Polish) or colored, like the Ameracauna. That's my 2 cents, anyway.
You think Lady Jane is sir john (as in sebright right?), not Fairlight? Hmmm...shows what I know! LOL! So is it still possible that any of them might lay the blue, pink, or green eggs that Uniontown mentioned? The gentleman that I bought Lady Jane and Mary from told me that they were a "barnyard mix". I remember him saying that he had both silkies and ameraucanas (although, perhaps he only had easter eggers? not sure). I don't recall what else he said he had roaming around. Fairlight came to me unexpectedly, so I don't have much background on her at all. Those are my 3 favorites, and yet I know the breads of my others (a delaware, a bared rock/silkie mix , a bared rock, and 3 spotted sussex). Go figure! :)
I forgot to mention, as I don't think the pics have a good head on shot, that Fairlight has muffs (I think that's what they are called? the kind of sideways-ish feathers on her cheeks?), Mary has what my children call a "fat face". She looked rather duckish when we got her at 4 weeks but has since lost that look and become a bit darker. And Lady Jane, while all black, has a lot of green/blue irredescent color on her back and has just started to show a little bit of bright rust color on her underfeathers around her neck. She is just stunning! matter what she is!

Don't know if this information is helpful at all. :)

Thank you!
NOOOOO!!!! You will break my heart!!! She is my favorite and my hubby says no roos! So so gentle. She (he???) doesn't crow at all....wouldn't she have started crowing by now? My other gal that turned out to be a roo started crowing weeks (almost a month) ago and I still haven't found him a home. I am so sad. Are you really really sure?

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