Help me identify this mystery chick?


Nov 19, 2013
N. Colorado
Duck (named by my 2 yr old) is 6 weeks today. She was a chipmunk baby and is developing quite differently than I expected. Purchased from a local ranch store who bought all their chicks from Hoovers Hatchery. Was id'ed as a Hatchery Choice Common Layer. From photos I've seen of their breeds, it doesnt really fit a Wellsummer or a Brown Leghorn. I emailed them a picture and they guessed Cinnamon Queen, but I looked up pics and all the Cinnamon Queens I've seen have white tail feathers, are Hoover's different? I wanted to ask you all what you thought, and if it's a hen or a roo? Thanks! (Baby chick pics for reference of Duck's coloring then)


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My guess would be Easter egger, but leg color is wrong. Are you sure it was that color as a chick? It resembles a Rhode island red now, but chick color would be wrong.
After looking at their website, I think maybe the hatchery is correct that it's a cinnamon queen. Yours certainly looks darker and lacks the extra white feathers, but it is the closest of what they sell.
Improper combs show up in many breeds, so yours having a single comb wouldn't be unusual, especially in a breed that is basically a mixed breed to begin with. I have learned something about cinnamon queens now.
I found this picture of a cinnamon queen online, and it looks kind of like Duck there.

I agree with the hatchery in that she's probably a cinnamon queen, and she's definitely a pullet. Beautiful hen!


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