Help! Mink are trying to eat our flock! :(


8 Years
Mar 26, 2011
Durham, Connecticut

We have a mink & weasel problem in our area. I heard a commotion outside (honking, quaking and hissing), only to go out and find a mink had dug under the fence and was attempting to have duck lunch!

Besides good fencing, does anyone know of a tried and true repellent for keeping the unwanted critters away? I heard bobcat urine works against mink, mice and skunks but this has to be reapplied every few days and all the time if it rains or snows and the stuff is not cheap. Any other product recommendations more affordable but very reliable?

Our ducks and geese are free ranged but inside a large fenced in area with a natural pond and stream. I would hate to lock them up every day all day when no one is home to sit and watch them. They love to forage and swim all day.

I said that all wrong....Go to the "Learning Center", and they have specific info for how to protect your flock from minks and weasels.....

Sorry about that!

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