HELP, my chicken got attacked or something

My chicken got half its face mauled off or something PLEASE HELP

We can certainly try to help you - but a little more information and/or photos would be necessary first. Unfortunately at this point we don't have enough information to begin to envision just what you are dealing with.
Have you got the bird isolated in a safe, secure area? Is the bird conscious and, if so, what is it currently doing? Treating for shock will be your first step - this means keeping the bird warm, calm and quiet. You need to access the wounds and see just what you are dealing with - what parts, if any are missing, how deep the damage is, whether bone penetration occurred, etc. To expose the wounds you can flush with saline solution - if any dirt or other debris is in/on the wounds, rinse it away. Is the bird actively bleeding? If so, how much?
Poor baby. The good news is, it isn't as bad as it probably looks/seems to you. Given proper care, this sort of wound will heal quickly and fully. Your goal right now is to keep the wound clean and infection free while you give her lots of supportive. Did you cleanse the area at all yet?

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