Help my chicken is being slow and has diarrhea.

Emiliano r

Dec 2, 2018
This morning I let my chickens roam my backyard like they ussaly do but I noticed that hen was standing still and not wanting to move much she also has diarrhea so I gave her some viniger in her water another thing is she has a bump under her breast and starts to yelp if you grab her rib area / wing area what should I do?
Photos of her showing the lump under her breast and how her legs are positioned would help. As mentioned above, knowing her age would also be useful. How long have you had her and where did you get her from.... hatchery or private breeder or hatched her yourself?
Where in the world are you located. Different climates can cause different ailments to be more prevalent than others and medicines and other treatment products vary from country to country, so including your location on your profile page helps us to give more specific advice.

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