HELP my chickens are sick


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Apr 19, 2010
In the past two weeks I have had two hens die.
One had a hurt leg the month before that had been healing. Im not sure how she hurt it but for a few weeks she wouldnt use it at all. I did notice two scabs on her foot but they seemed to be healing. Last week she seemed to be doing really well. I was letting her free range with the flock again and she was putting her self away at night. A few days ago I noticed she wasnt staying with the rest of the hens and seemed to not be moving around a lot. She also didnt put her self away for two nights in a row before she died and I had to go out and find her. The day she died I noticed another scab by her ear? She also had poop stuck to her feathers around her vent.

My other hen that died was my favorite. I saw her in the coop durning the day two weeks ago and thought she was going to lay an egg. When I came back a few hours later to check for the egg she was laying there dead.

I know have two other hens that are acting sick. They dont follow the rest of the flock around and seem to be spending more time in the coop. The one hasnt been roosting the last few days ive found her sleeping on the floor of the coop. Both theses hens have dried poop stuck to the feathers around there vent.

I have looked at all of my hens and dont see anything I would think is abnormal other than the dried poop by the vent. BUTT Im new to chickens so I might be missing something.

All of my chickens I raised this last year from chicks. They are all under a year old. Everyone else seems healthy but who knows, so did the hens that died.

HELPPPP PLEASE! I dont even know where to start and I hate to loose any more of my chickens!


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Jul 12, 2010
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Hi, I am a newbie myself. First, I am sorry to hear about your hens. My hens were getting poop around there vent, so I trimmed it off to keep them clean. I think that happens when they have runny poop, which could be a sign of worms. I found one of my hens in the corner of the coop, with her head and tail down. Not moving at all. I immediately posted, with all her symptoms, on BYC and it was suggested that she might have worms. I brought her in the house, where it is warmer, and started her on a wormer. It was also suggested that I give her some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which I did. I guess it was worms because a week later she was back out with the rest of the flock and is doing well.

I don't know how old your hens are or if you have ever wormed them before. If not, try it. If you have, then I am sorry I don't what could be wrong with them.

Maybe somebody with more experience will help out.

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