HELP! my df's bday is tomorrow


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Dec 26, 2008
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i am thinking of inviting our one set of couple friends over for dinner and a small party...maybe play the wii.

the only downside is that she works Saturday and so will want to go to bed at a reasonable hour( we're lights out by 11 most nights) and I dont want to say..hey drive an hour and then eat dinner and leave....


dinner on Saturday wouldn't mean the same thing as a surprise dinner cooked with cake ect. saturday she works 1/2 the day so she'd know if i were cooking all day.

I'm not sure what the correct thing to say to the friends would be... what would you all do if you were me?

I'm thinking of making steak on the grill, grilled veggies and a double-chocolate raspberry filled cake.

My DF says she wants to just eat dinner with me and maybe we'll go out to eat on saturday...should i interpret that as " im exhausted this week so lets not do anything?" and if i suprise her she'll hate it or be upset.

she's turning 25. so it's an important one in my book .. and since she was 11 her parents have left her at home to go to the nascar race that is on her bday weekend... she hates it and wouldnt want to go but it still has to suck having 14 years of "heres 60.00 happy birthday" .


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Mar 29, 2009
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I think you should make her a surprise birthday meal. And if you feel like she'd be too tired for friends that night, maybe have them over on Saturday for a fun evening or go out then. That's very thoughtful that you are planning this for her. I can relate with the birthday and parents. And I do really appreciate my hubby putting an effort into my birthday. It makes me happy that he cares about it (my parents haven't acknowledged my birthday for years and it can be hard -- they are strange people -- a whole other story). So sometimes I have a hard time on my birthday and it makes me feel better knowing that he does care about it and makes an effort.


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Make her a special meal on her actual birthday.. just the 2 of you..
then.. if you guys go out on Sat... have everyone already waiting for you guys at the restaurant..
So, she'll still get her surprise and not be stressed about having people over on Fri night when she has to get up for work on Sat morn...

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