Help!! My ducks are suddenly afraid to go in the pond.


10 Years
May 17, 2009
Hello--I have 3 Pekins and 1 Welsh Harlequin. They have always loved to go in our pond and will spend all day in there,however, they have suddenly become afraid of the pond. They start off running towards it, but as soon as they get near it, they turn around and run back to their house. How can I get them back in the pond?

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We do have snapping turtles in our area, so that may be the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a snapping turtle out of our pond?
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I would look for something in the pond like a turtle or something in the area around the structure..predator nest etc etc.
where r you located? my cousin had 2 small alligators move into her pond and her ducks quit going in it... tha how they foun dout they were there... the scary thing is her kids always went swimming in her pond whick is like 20 ft from her back door
And they say Ducks are stupid.........ha,ha
My Pekins wont go into the pool if it's dirty...I have to clean out the pool"s once a week. Then it's fascinating to watch them empty the whole pool from splashing around and diving underneath....I LOVE my pekin's

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