Help my hubby brought home 3 baby pigeons!!!!


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Mar 14, 2013
My hubby brought home 2 baby pigeons from work ppl he woks with shot the parents & left the lil ones to starve, I read everything i could find to learn how to care for them I been feeding them cheerios & oats ground up & adding hot water they are eating it but worried they may need other stuff as well? we have them in our house tryng to keep them warm & safe from what I can tell they are14-18 days old? Hubby brought home the 3rd one today its younger mayber 7-10 days old & has a injured leg! any info would be greatly appreciated!
I would have to see a pic to really be able to tell the age and if the would need water separate from the food. They need a lot of protein when growing up. I would get pigeon pellets if you can't get that I would get game bird pellets or crumbles. Mix it with water...however i can't tell you how thick to make it unless I know the age for sure...Are they just fuzzy, have pin feathers, or feathers??? They only hatch 1 to 2 days apart so if they are nest mates they would not be that far apart in age. Mix the food with water and chicken egg yoke (just one and make sure its from a safe source). Pigeons also need grit to break down their food however I can't tell you how much till I know the age...once again.
Run a search on you tube you will find some methods there. Here is one link.

I use chicken pellets and warm water as a starter dissolved to a pudding mix.

Extra water is not needed.

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