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    Mar 4, 2012
    Im a newbie so please go easy

    I have a 2 year old peacock i bought a month ago and since I bought him he has been sneezing and mucous is discharged. Sometimes he will be sitting and sneeze so hard that all the mucous will come out and it will be hanging.

    He doesn't droop his wings, eats fine (loves chocolate brownies) but I never see him drinking water. He always wants to soak the sun. Now that his feathers are up he will put on a show for the peahen I have.

    He breathes very hard, like he is chocking. He has no swellings, but is very annoyed by the sneeze.

    My peahen had swelling in the sinus and her nose was plugged up so I gave her Tylan 200 after taking out the gunk with a needle. She is good as new now but the peacock worries me. HELP!
  2. Have you treated him similarly? Also, I wouldn't give him sugary treats anymore, its highly damaging to his immune system. I'm sure chocolate can't be good for him either. He might require a more prolonged treatment than your hen but that's what I would do.

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