Help my Roooster cant stand or walk.

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Please help! My rooster was fine yesterday and this morning when I checked him he was crowing but couldnt stand or walk. He is just sitting with his legs in front of him. If I support his underneath he kicks off the ground with both legs. He will even try to walk but when I let go he falls. His poo is normal color but a little runny not shure if it is just squished because he is sitting on his butt but it was stuck to him so I cleaned it off and it looked to have a little form but not as formed as normal but color is normal. His wings arent drooping at all. He is perky. I put pro bios and Electrolytes in my chickens water every time I change it and I bought a high protein food for him today. 30% Protein. He is 4 months old and has been treated for worms and coccidia. I also dust my coops with seven dust under the shavings. They have play sand in the coop. I separated him from the hens but now my husband is afraid he will get depressed with out the girls. The girls are all fine and healthy. My last rooster had be put down because one of his legs were paralized and he couldnt move it at all. He was with these same hens. I have purchased all theses chickens from the same breeder and they were all a few months old. I paid alot for them and she is un willing to help me! I dont know what to do. Any suggestions.
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    This deserves to be given a boost. Sounds like Mericks to me but that's just a quess.

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