HELP! My Silkie cannot walk and is weakening


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Mar 14, 2014
I have a Silkie that is about 7-8 weeks old and she was doing fine until yesterday when I noticed her not walking, so I brought her inside, checked her all out and everything seems to look normal. But I went ahead and put her by herself in the bathroom with food and water and I'm having to give her water with a dropper and I don't think she is eating.
When I pick her up and place her back down, she just falls over and I have to help sit her up. I've started giving her electrolytes and Poly Vi Sol as of last night, but today she seems worse. What can I do to save her?
ok thanks, and I really cannot afford the vets around here at the moment. I've done some more researching online and I'm thinking its Wry/Cooked Neck

Just here within the last few hours her neck is looking like many of the photos and the symptoms also relate. Anyone have any possible ideas to treat wry neck?
We had a little Polish roo with wry neck....about the same age. It took months of 24 hour care to get him "near normal". He slept in a basket beside our bed and spent ALL DAY with my husband, who gave him neck massages and fed him vitamins & mash through a syringe in addition to giving water and encouraging him to graze by holding fresh clover for him to peck at.

He lived for two years and fathered a few chicks. He was a daily delight and a very rare pet to have as he was so tender with ALL chicks and LOVED to be petted and held. Only anthropomorphizing a little there, he was a very good roo!!!

At the end, he became soooo sick he couldn't stand or feed himself again. At that point we had to put him down ourselves because we couldn't afford the vet. I WILL BEG for money on the streets before I do that again, it still haunts me at times. I don't know if I could go through that again. Weeble was worth the time and experience, but the ending was horrible.......

It might be better to cull your chick now, depending on the circumstances.
Thanks so much for the replies... the chick isn't doing any better and now I have another one that is sneezing, so I'm thinking this is something that is being spread around the flock :(
I'm going to get Corid, but any other suggestions?

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