Help!! my son's cornish x...loose stool, no belly feathers

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  1. Vamp-A-Billy Princess

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bo mostly just lays around the pen so I dont know if thats causing the feathers not to grow or what? He doesnthave fuzz there or anything and his butt is bald too.His back, wings, and tail and everything have great feathers. He smells like a big turd cause he cant or doesnt want to clean himself. What should I use to wash him? He also has loose stool so I'm trying the vinegar thing. I want to be sure he doesnt need to be quarantined or anything...poor guy. I just want to give him the best short life that I can. Why did my son have to pick a doomed breed of chick? Poor BoBo. I've been taking him out in the yard and making him walk so he can get some exercise. He is about 3 weeks or a little older. Please help. My son loves his "chick chick".
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    * Very few to no treats, and you can crush or grind a couple fat pinches of PLAIN clay kitty litter to add to his feed long enough to stop the diarrhea. That's first. Wash him in a basin with water warmer than your hands with a few drops of baby shampoo added. Towel off the excess and you can either blow-dry him or put him in a nice sunny GRASSY spot til he drys. Lastly, a bit of ground flaxseed in his feed ought to help those belly feathers come in-- about 1/2 tsp. a day.
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    Vinegar? That's usually for calcium absorption...
    A better thing might be some plain rice.
    The "Broilers" have a tendency to lay around which is rubbing all the feathers off and they get breast blisters.
    When the inevitable does happen, don't forget to remind you son, what a great quality of life he had compared to the rest of his brethren.
  4. Vamp-A-Billy Princess

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    Apr 13, 2008
    I gave him a bath last night. He smells so much better. All he does is lay around. Poor thing. We have been making him go 4 walks outside. My son is only 19mo. old so I dont know how I'll explain it. When we went to the feed store the other day he shouted "BoBo!" and looked in all the empty chicken pens looking for his chicken. Poor BoBo. At least he will have a good short life here with us.

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