HELP....Need to know Gender FAST !


8 Years
May 16, 2011
All 4 are bantams.....and 4 weeks or so old...what i was told was 3 hens and a roo by the hatcher....but i need to make sure b4 Decisions are made...but i have grown to love them all...PLZ PLZ help !!!
They all hatched the same day....Chick #1 was the ONLY one to be slow on feather growth, and is just getting in his/her tail feathers...and is only one that seems "protective" over the others

CHICK #1 ( has thick legs from a view i dont have a pic also Feathers on legs thinking Roo) This is the only one to grow wing and tail feather LAST...(very slow)

CHICK #2 ( Sweet but scared easily...also feathered legs...not sure but was told Hen?)

CHICK # 3 (my Favorite , but a loud mouth and HOPE HEN)...Hiding her tail

CHICK # 4 (very Sweet and HOPE HEN)

Thank You for Any Help
Pullet, Pullet, Pullet, Roo.

Disclaimer: I am a complete novice at the sexing game, therefore take my predictions with a grain of salt (and a splash of tequila)
WOW..Thank you for all the thoughts ...i would of thought for sure that #4 was Hen and #1 was Roo (just because #1 is only one to develop late and only one with thick legs)..... Either way....3 hens and roo is what i am hoping for....Thank you for all the help
Here are pics that were just taken today (2 days after the original post pics were taken).
And in the Orig. #4 u can see his comb has changes color...and i think u all are right, it is roo... however still wondering Type of bantam that pic #1 chick is....her brown/red/yellow feathers are SOOOOO SOFT...much softer than any of the other are more pics from today...i LOVE them all so much


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