Help needed to identify breed.

The Sheriff

10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Northern CA
This chicken showed up along our fence line a few weeks ago. Yesterday she/he moved into our yard and joined our flock but left again for the night. He/She is back today. Does anyone know what kind of chicken it is or if it is a rooster? It has white earlobes and grey/green legs. It has a small crest of dark feathers on it's head.

Here is a picture of the chicken with our three month old Americuanas. So it's either a bantam or a pullet, right? I am kind of new at this so thanks for any help you can offer. Love the site!

I don't know what breed it is , but I think it is a she. I think your girls got a new best bud! Congrats. Sandy
I never have chickens come to my house by themselves! I wish one would fly over and decide to stay, Maybe she could teach my girls how to lay an egg, I think they need alittle coaching on the subject! LOL
Your gonna wanna keep that chicken because those are some of the rarest chickens that were imported here a couple of years ago I have some from the original guy who brought them here from Iceland. THAT IS AN ICELANDIC CHICKEN. look it up on feathersite. You are one lucky person to be blessed with an Icelandic chicken.

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