HELP! Neighbors dog got 36 of my daughters chickens.....


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May 2, 2009
Ashtabula, Ohio
It is such a sad month....the neighbors dog got loose and killed 36 of my daughters chickens....all of her feathered legged bantams...all of the red sex links....and all of her EE bantams....if anyone has eggs for sale cheap please let me know. She is 9 years old and has raised all of them from eggs...which she hatched last she has 4 chickens left....Thanks for all the help in advance. I just want to get her some eggs to hatch...she is devistated....Thanks again....Lyz
neighbors better be buying, a friend of mine had this happen, he charged $30 pr laying hen and $20 for each non layer. He then had the neighbors buy him chicks in the spring and 250lbs of food. None of this helps the poor girl, must be devastating for a 9 year old to have this happen.

If the neighbors refuse call the cops and/or animal control and make a claim on their insurance with police report in hand.

Good luck
yeah...hes an older man...hes giving us some...but nothing compared to what we lost....i cant get the law involved...hes not very fortunate with finances...he did help us bury them and has been over multiple times appologizing....just looking for some eggs.....

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