help newly hatched chicks dying with in 6 hrs


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Apr 30, 2011
I have 2 chicks that hatched about 6 hours ago. They have fluffed up and were running around the incubator like all was fine. Went to the movies came back and they were lying flat on the floor not moving and it looked like hardly breathing either. I have taken them out and given sugar water. One is peeping and trying to move around again, the other is completely listless and wont drink any. What did I do wrong? Can I save them?
Newly hatched chicks don't really need food or water so it's not surprising they are not interested. Could it be too hot in the incubator for them? New babies really sleep a LOT - I often have to check mine several times to make sure they are still alive because they pass out like the babies they are. Hope they are ok.
Neither chick made it. Is it possible that the 95 degrees in the brooder is too hot for black chicks? I had 2 buff colored in there as well and they are just fine.
So sorry.
I am new to this too, but I have kept my brooder between 85-90 and my chicks seem to be doing just fine. No one complained about the heat or lack of heat and they all slept laid out and not huddled up and none were panting, so I am going to assume that my temps were just right.

What about the humidity in there - did you remove the water after the hatch?

It's not uncommon to lose a chick or two after hatch, but usually they are not in good shape to begin with. Could also be a navel infection or something like that. I leave the new chicks in the house for the first 10 days or so and put them into a big rubbermaid container with that soft sticky shelf liner on the bottom and only a 60 watt light bulb. I lost too many chicks under a heat lamp and felt it was just too hot for them. Too much humidity along with the heat can also cause deaths.
The best way to heat a brooder is to heat one corner and let them come and go from that zone as they please, heating up if cold, etc. If you make it a uniform temp, they will not have any way to get away and self-regulate. I always put a small box in there on its side so they have aplace to go sleep without light, also. Sorry you lost them.

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