HELP!!! No movement or peeping after pipping :(


7 Years
Dec 11, 2012
~~Hello. I am new to hatching. This is mine and my husbands first try. We woke up this morning to one chick completely hatched (by itself and seems fine) and another one trying. I checked the other eggs and two more had pipped, but one was on the small end and not where the air pocket is. It's beak was protruding through the shell slightly but I have been worried because it has been 8 hours and I haven't seen any movement or progression. Does anyone think it is still alive? I'm worried that we didn't catch this one in time to help it :( Should I just leave it be and wait? I'm just worried that there has been no movement or peeping. The other that has pipped has a tiny hole in the air pocket area and you can see its beak moving in the hole, so we are just waiting it out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
ES of MD , USA
Its almost always best to wait it out. Especially if there are others still trying to hatch. My experience is when they pip on the small end and knowing from candling that the air pocket is in the top, they were usually not meant to make it. Something went wrong during development and the chick was too weak to make the needed turn in the egg.

This is just from my experience, have only seen this happen maybe 3 ties out of 1000 hatching eggs.


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