help not going to make weight at fair

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    Okay My kids are doing meat chicken for fair and I dont think they are going to be big enough we have just over a week until fair was looking for any ideas how to fatten them up.second year we did them last year we did fine and had both male and female.This year we did only males thinking I could keep them a week less and still be okay the only male I had last year was HUGE and could not even go to fair. Feed is the same but we do have more this year (23)Thanks so much for any ideas
  2. Dogfish

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    What is their goal weight?
    What do they weigh?
    What feed are you specifically feeding them?
    When specifically will they be weighed?
    How many will you be showing?
  3. KatyTheChickenLady

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    feed them more
  4. colebarnhart

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    Bring them to Oklahoma for a week, everyone else seems to get cartoon-ishly fat around here. Then again, my chickens are normal, so nevermind [​IMG] lol!!!
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    a higher protein feed should do the job!
    i currently have one chick on duck starter to help heal her injuries faster
  7. terri9630

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    We feed turkey and game bird starter. Pick the ones you want to take to fair and feed them seperately to make sure they are getting all they want.

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