Help on newborn Nigerian Dwarf goat-- Emergency!


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Aug 15, 2010
Columbus Ohio
My girl jsut had her triplets this morning - they all came out ok - but one of the girls seems her legs are crooked or like cramped - and she is having troubles standing and hasnt eaten yet - the other two are nursing - i tried to bottle feed her - but she refused - Will she work thru this ? After being out a bit and getting her " sea legs" ??? any experience out there anyone?
Hard to say without seeing pictures...but she may very well do fine in time. I would try to hold her up so she can nurse for now, then let her rest and see what happens.
I guess this would be a better way to describe it - the legs just won’t straighten out so when she tries to walk they drag and the hooves don’t bend down so she drags along on the top of her feet instead of the her hooves
I don't have goats but I know this much. She has to nurse soon in order to get clostrum which is very important for newborns. Often a mommy will not be willing to give a "runt" the time and energy needed for it to find it's "sea legs". Mommy is going to pay attention to the other two healthy babies that have a better chance of survival. If she lives it's going to be because you were very dedicated. Get her to eat....a bottle, hold her while she nurses, even start her going with a bit of sugar water or karo. She needs nutritianal support very soon. If the other babies are eating she needs to be too. More than likely her legs will straighten out, either on there own or with some kind of support. Hopefully a goat owner will chime in here soon.
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Sounds similair to how my little Pygmy was when she was born----according to the woman I got her from. I think you should take this little one indoors and consider her a bottle-baby. That's what the woman I got mine from did, and I got her at 2 1/2/ weeks old, and bottle-raised her. Only one leg was a little crroked at this point, and she's fine now. Maybe you will have to help her stand a little for a few times a day-----keep us posted. I don't think this baby will survive if you leave her with the mommy.

I wish I was closer, I would come and help. I think the baby will be fine if you can get some food in her-----I used uni milk, and mixed in a probiotic and eventually mixed this half and half with whole milk from the grocery and 1 tablespoon of corn syrup per gallon.
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Well she is VERY insistent on NOT taking the bottle from me - i have tried - i am going to try and hold her up to nurse - she is not necessarily the runt at all actually - its like her legs are asleep or got cramped up in the womb as mom was HUGE - they are nice healthy size al lthree -
Well, my doe had to be held at first to be able to feed her. Once you get some in her, she should eat like crazy-----I actually used a baby bottle and nipple with an x cut in the nipple--------she would never take the bottle with the nipple I bought for her from TSC, but my other 2 did.

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