Help! Orange tint in POOP?

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    I recently wormed all my chickens with STRIKE iii, 2 days ago i put my Blue Splash Maran Hen in with my two Black Copper Hens. Yesterday i noticed there was poop on the ledge in there stall and it looked sticky and had red/orange tint in it. First time i have ever seen it. Could it be from the wormer? Or could it be Cocci? Id have a vet check it out but our vets dont know very much about chickens. I do know one vet who has checked my Goats poo once when i checked for worms, they may be able to check for Cocci. I cant have everyone checked as i have Many breeds of chickens. but that poop id have checked.

    Do you think it may be caused by the Strike iii Wormer? I have never delt with Cocci in chickens, but in goats i have. and Successfully treated them.

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