Help: Peachick with swollen face! ?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by ellymayRans, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Due to the holiday I honestly am not sure if this took a few days to develop or if it truly happened overnight but I do keep a close watch on them. This morning however when I let them out I had one that has something protruding out of its eye and its face is very swollen. It's eating and drinking. I have separated it but I'm not sure what the issue is. It doesn't appear to be having problems breathing either.
    Is that a cyst or maybe a puss pocket? Any help would be very appreciated!
  2. Looks like an injury to me. The haw, the inner eyelid, looks to be swollen and the redness at the front of the eye looks like injury. If it was infection the sinus would probably be swollen too. I wouldn't rule out allergies, but that redness makes me think it either got picked on or it ran into something.
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    Poor guy! [​IMG]
    Our boy Minny had something like that several years ago - I couldn't get a really good look at it at the time because these guys free range and I couldn't catch him.
    It ended up going away on its own but he's now blind in that eye. So I'd recommend that you take your poor little guy to a vet if that is at all possible.
  4. You should look down his throat and see if there is any mucus.
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    Two drops of Tylan on the eye + subcutaneous injection 1/2 cc in the neck.
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    Thanks for all the input! Luckily we have an exotic vet not too far and I'm just going to take her there tomorrow. I found them last night and made the call this morning. I'm able to drop her off on my way to work and they will fit her in at some point during the day. This morning it appeared that the abscess may have popped. Yesterday it was a protrusion this morning it was all gooped up. The vet is a $65 exam then of course whatever treatment is required but said they would call with that information before proceeding. I'll be interested to see what they say, recommend and charge. I'm hoping to be able to be there during treatment though as a learning experience. I'm just not completely comfortable with anything having to do with an eye!
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    I am at work and didn't look down her throat but I could tell when observing her that she seemed to be swallowing often which led me to believe she was experiencing some drainage. Is that a symptom of something other than a simple injury?
  8. Taking her to the vet is really your best option as all we can do is guess from long distance. You are either looking at allergies, eye injury, or respiratory infection. I would give her the half ml/cc of Tylan 200 as suggested above if I could not afford the vet bill. The Tylan would probably do the trick if it is not allergies. Keep us informed.
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    Such good news to be able to take her to a vet that will know what to do [​IMG] Ditto squeamishness about eye problems... that's a scary place to work on a critter.

    It could be several things, including a sinus infection. Also, Tylan can be extremely helpful, but Tylan injections can cause permanent tissue/muscle damage at the injection site, so I would proceed extremely cautiously with Tylan injections and make sure you know exactly where to give it... Definitely something to discuss with your vet if you are considering trying to give injections on your own. We just had posts from some poor soul who managed to clear up the infections that were killing a whole flock with Tylan injections, but sadly, one of the birds became paralyzed, likely as a result of the injections [​IMG] I'm still hoping the bird improved, but I don't think we heard anything further... that's a very difficult outcome.
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    Of course taking her to the vet is the best thing to do, but ff she were my bird and I couldn't take her to the vet I would give her Baytril orally or by injection in the breast, and I'd probably also use a steroid eye drop, but I'd only use the drops if I was 100% sure it was not an injury.

    To me it looks like a sinus infection.


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