Help! Pepper Ann ate a chunk off a towel!


Apr 16, 2016
Citrus Heights, Ca
So Pepper Ann is a 3 month old black swedish duckling who likes to nibble. There's a towel on the edge of her pond covering the lip so she doesn't slip getting on and off the ramp. About an hour ago she managed to tear a sizeable piece off and swallow it. It was about 3 inches by a half inch. Is this something she can pass or should i be worried?

Here she is with her sisters untying my boots for me
Does she get grit?

Has she pooped since doing this?

It could be a problem . . . you need to keep an eye on her, especially make sure she's still pooping normally over the next 24 hours or so...

It might also pass without incident....
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I feel that if she's got grit in her tummy, and the threads are no longer than 3 inches, she just may pass it pretty easily.

Watch her appetite, be sure she gets plenty of water to drink tonight....but I mean don't force anything, just keep things normal...and look for bits of towel to come through. I don't think it takes very long for them to pass stuff.
She gets grit in her feed and she rustles up her own during the day as well. She has been put up for the night so we will scour her pen in the morning for any signs. Thank you for the ideas
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