Help please mama hen pecked at pipped egg now its bleeding


7 Years
Mar 8, 2012
Help please mama hen pecked at pipped egg now its bleeding. Chick is alive, most of the shell is still attatched. What should we do? I have removed the chick from the nest. Have it under a heat lamp.
She only had two eggs. One hatched fine 3 days ago and was at 19 days. Mama hen seems more interested in this chick than this egg. Baby chick also pecking at the pipped area like Mama did.
chick is still alive, chirping a little bit just can't seem to get out of the egg, shell is partially removed. ? I have a heat lamp on it and some water in there for some humidity. Any suggestions? Just let nature take its course?
Can you post a photo of the egg? It sounds like the chick is Resdy to come out but has been shrink wrapped in there by low humidity.
I would not leave the chick alone if it were me.
I would start peeling away the shell carefully at the round end where the air cell should be using tweezers. Stop if you see fresh blood.

Once you have exposed the whole end you should see the chick inside the membrane. Moisten the exposed membranes with some kind of vaseline or coconut oil or similar. If you see blood vessels in the membrane the chick is not ready to hatch and needs to be returned to the heat lamp.

If the membranes are clear, peel them carefully back toward the edges and then pick away the shell. Again stop if you hit fresh blood. Once the head and wing of the chick is free it and about half the egg shell is gone, it might be able to kick out of there on its own.
There is some blood so I m afraid to pull on the membrane any. Why would ma hen peck at her egg? I don't have an incubator.
That chick looks almost ready to come out. See the membranes down the side of the egg (the left side in the photo)? They have no active blood vessels.

It sounds like the mother hen has switched from sitting mode to mothering chicks mode in her mind due to hormonal changes. Usually all eggs hatch within a couple of days but because it has been more than that since the first chick has hatched, the hen is no longer interested in hatching the eggs. She now has to focus on caring for the first chick and therefore the unhatched egg is just potential food for her and her chick, unfortunately. However, if the u hatched chick survives, she will probably accept it back if you sneak it under her.
Chick seems awfully weak. Is this normal. Is there something I should try giving it besides water and chick food. Hasn't eaten or drank anything yet.

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