Help please :( Pullet w/ black tarry stool. Can't find answers.


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May 22, 2012
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My Coop
My Coop
Ok, I have looked at all the poo charts and poo help sites with no success.
Here's the facts:
They were all treated over a month ago for cocci, worms, and followed with probiotics.
Eat daily, organic layer pellits, free range, treats from the kitchen. Nothing like berries could have caused this.
Tink is the only one with this.
Not a cecal stool.

Tinker is a young pullet. Supposed to be a May hatch. When I got her she was the size of a 6 week old. She has almost trippled in size with froper food, treatment, and houseing. We love her very much. She happens to be our fav most friendly girl. My flock size is 1 roo and 18 hens.

I went to the coop to let everyone out this am and she jumped on the top of the gate to greet me. She then dropped this giant black tarry stool. I know in humans this stool would be only digested blood from the higher regions of the gi tract. I'm really worried about her. :( She seems normal otherwise.

The chickens come out of the coop at day light and go back in at night. They roam in and out to eat and lay, also to drink. Not too many stools to see. We have 3 acres and they roam it all. It's mainly cleared, just grass. I don't know if this is the first stool like this or not? Where they come by the house, the stools look normal, also in the coop from night. Tinker mainly hangs out alone. She get's a little picked on by the others as she is the youngest.

Any help would be appriceated!

Tinker Bell:

These pics are from this am.

Stool after I ran up to get the cam:
It looks like there may have been one last night next to where her's dropped that is dry in the pic. It's lighter in the pic because of the flash. It's very dark black.

I would monitor her. I might treat the entire flock for worms as a precaution. Realistically, there is nothing you are going to be able to do if she has a GI bleed. I think you are seeing a normal stool. I have been looking at bird feces for years, and I have seen poops that are black like that before. The birds producing them remain healthy to this day or died of something completely unrelated (usually predators). Monitoring her should help to ease your mind. If the bird continues to produce these stools and/or should suddenly deteriorate physically, then you need to consider what to do at that point. I wouldn't worry too much about it in the meantime.

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