HELP!!!!! PLEASE weird silkie issue!! please see photos and advise :(

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    Jul 31, 2016
    I need all the experts on here to give me advice, Ive even spoken to an avian vet over the phone and shown these pictures to a chicken vet tech friend and no one has an idea WTH this is. iI think it started growing about ago.
    Side note: We had a Micro Serama roo drop dead a month ago and a Smooth frizzle silkie get spayed leg, can't stand and wobbles issue that will be seen tomorrow by the vet.
    the 3rd is a female naked neck silkie who had a a little to nothing comb before and a few day ago i noticed it looked like a giant swollen brain! she didn't look like that before as you can see in the bottom pictures. any advice would be greatly appreciated.[​IMG]

    i also noticed her chest has no feathers and she is not broody and started laying a few months ago. has been on antibiotic water, vet and electrolyte water.lay crumble,oysterschells,grit and chick scratch, grub treats- eating and drinking normally,


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    I'm sorry, I'm having trouble understanding what you are asking about?[​IMG]
    Are you talking about her red comb?

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