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    I had my silkie that I thought was a cold, I did everything for him, he only stayed the same. I made a decision that was hard to make but it was in Ricky's best interest to has him tested. Go I made that painful drive to Gainesville ( 30 miles from me) and took him to Georgia poultry laboratory Network. He tested positvie for Ms e-coli was found, but that's common in back yard flocks. Can someone please tell a little information about ms. Mg was negative! Also they send a swap for coryza to another university, they said it was negative but wanted to make sure. Please help! Thanks. Ricky is chicken heaven. I miss him so bad
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    MS or mycoplasma synovitis, is a respiratory disease that affects the joints causing bacterial arthritis. Symptoms include , lameness, swollen leg joints and sometimes they will develop scab on the keel bone due to lying on the floor. It is a contagious disease, and your other birds may be carriers, or could come down with it if they are stressed, such as during a molt or in cold weather. Though it cannot be cured permanently, the symptoms may be treated with injectable Tylan 50. I would close your flock to new bids or birds going out of the flock, until all have gone. Then waiting a few weeks, the mycoplasma should be gone. Here is some reading about it, and I'm sorry that you lost Ricky:
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