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Dec 17, 2020
Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts
Hello I am new to this and I am possibly going to buy fertile quail eggs and try and save some of them from people buying and eating them. I don't necessarily have any quails yet but I am looking forward on getting some as I stated before. I wanted to know if i could put a blanket at the bottom of the incubator so when they hatch it won't be as slippery. Also I can't buy an incubator because I don't have the money so can I make an incubator out of a cardboard box or anything else. Also I did have a pet quail named Pickle. (hence my name) Pickle was a special little boy. I got him from a breeder and she said that he was deformed and i wanted to take him in immediately. It turned out that he was deformed. His right leg had been twisted backwards so that one of his feet were in the right way and then his other was backwards. I took care of him for a while but he was in such pain that I could not bare to see him suffer anymore. So we put him down. I was devastated but at least he was at peace,finally. 😇

. . . . .I am going to try and make an incubator out of cardboard box and line it with aluminum in the insides of the box

. . . . .Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I don't want all of the eggs to die.
IMHO, a cardboard box isn't insulative enough to make a good incubator. Perhaps a cooler is a better option. Or possibly multiple boxes to make several layers of cardboard.
At any rate, you'll need air holes top and bottom to bring in oxygen.
The parts needed to buy to build a bator, including instruments isn't that much cheaper than buying one.

Just save your money and wait until you can fo things properly before rushing...rushing will cause failure.

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