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    Jun 19, 2008
    i'm not quite sure what happened, so i'd like some clarification.
    first of all, i believe this chick was a white leg horn and about 2 months old. it was the smallest chicken i had, but pretty fat/plump.
    first, it started stumbling over it's feet. sometimes it would trip and fall. then steady itself with its wings. i noticed some scabs on its feet, but they weren't under his feet--they were on the thin skin that connect between the toes (like the webbed part on a duck). so, i wasn't sure if it was bumblefoot or not.
    then yesterday night, it was doing fine. then i noticed it was gasping for breath, so i picked it up and examined it. every time it gasped, it's bought would open and the tongue would stick out a little to the side, then go back in. a few minutes later, its neck suddenly went limp. and it really scared me.
    not long after. maybe 2 minutes? it passed away. ):
    it was devastating, considering it was probably my favorite chick.

    so any help would be lovely, i'd appreciate it.
    i've read that limp neck is caused by a vitamin deficiency? called limber neck/wry neck. but i also read it occurs in silkies, and my chick wasn't a silkie.
    i'm really confused.
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