Help please....


5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
We just got our new baby chicks yesterday. So with us being completely new to all of this, I need help with determining if this is poop or the umbilical cord. I don't want to try and get it off if I shouldn't be. Thanks so much in advance :)

The umbilical cord is slightly lower than the vent, so if you lift up the tail and see the vent, then you know it's the umbilical....but if it's directly under the tail then I would assume its pasty butt and clean gently with warm water.

Most likely it's pasty butt.
Thank you soooo much. Going to look right now :)
One of my chicks had pretty bad pasty butt when i got her home. I had to run her rear under gently warm water a couple of times to get things to loosen up enough to get it off without hurting. She didn't seem to mind too much though.
Well it did end up being poo on the rear end. It was stuck on there pretty good, so I had to do the same thing and put her bottom under the warm water a couple times to gently try and get it off of there.

Thanks again for your help :)

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