help problem with some of week old babies


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Feb 24, 2018
I need help with about 10 day old chicks. I have some dixie rainbow chicks that i ordered i have lost 6 of 20 and i have another that is acting like the last 2 that died. My question is is that they seem to start losing feeling/movement in leg and then works its way up the body like a stroke or something. Plz help dont want to lose anymore
:hugs Sorry you're having a problem. You should call the whom ever you got them from, let them know what's going on. What are you feeding? Are they eating/drinking/pooping? Does their brooder have heat? How's their poop, watery?

I'm not experienced with illnesses but sounds it's could possibly be Mareks . Time to ask for help .... @Ravynscroft @rebrascora @WVduckchick
Is this your first time raising chicks?
Before worrying about possible diseases, I'd check out some of the information in the Learning Center, verify that your setup is proper, etc. Heating requirements, feed/water requirements, etc. What are you using for bedding?
I'm sorry you've lost so many this quickly, hopefully you can pinpoint the cause.
Its not the first chicks we have raised. I have a therm in brooder and have been doing things the same as others. But this time we are in a different home and have a inside rabbit next to brooder
I wouldn't think the rabbit would be a problem.
One issue that surfaced lately concerns Teflon coated products. Make sure your brooder light is not one of the Teflon coated ones.
Maybe post a pic of your setup?
Thank everyone for the info. I jave been looking also and not sure but i got a couple pics this morning at how she is carrying her foot so maybe this will help
It sounds suspiciously like neurotoxin poisoning. Have you checked to see if the bedding has been wet and now is going moldy? The same for the feed.

Have any insecticides been used in the room? How about things introduced into the brooder that may be contaminated with petroleum substances? Even a towel that was washed with a strong detergent could cause problems as solvents are a component of detergent.

Neurotoxin poisoning symptoms begin with lameness, advance to not being able to balance, the chick then tries to stabilize itself with its wings, soon cannot remain upright, it loses the ability to swallow, then death can follow over the next several hours.
Thank u everyone for the help. I think she hurt the leg and im tryin to figure out how to help help fix it and hope its not been to long

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