Help! Respritory Problem, and Don't Know What To Do!!

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  1. I need help!
    My chickens are sick, and I don't know what to do! They symptoms are: facial swelling, mostly around the eyes. One bird has a pronounced lump on her nasal passage, but she's the only one. It's not bad enough to make the birds eye's close. Gasping for air, and to an extent, sneezing. I'm noticing more labored breathing than the sneezing.
    I first started treating with duramycin, but ran out of it quickly, and they grew immune to it, I then got Tylan 50, and did a dosage of 1/5-3/4 cc a day ( all my birds are 4lbs+) I have been doing this for six days, with no improvement. I don't know what to do! I have been told to get baytril, but the only way to get it is online, and by then they will be worse. There is a medicine at the feed store that he said will wipe out anything, but it's $25 a bottle, and I would need 2 bottles. I just don't have that kind of money. I would post a pic, but my camera broke, and I haven't gotten a new one. Is there anything I can do for my birds????
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    It sounds like you're dealing with Infectious Coryza, that's why none of the antibiotics are working....wrong meds. It would be in your best interest to cull your sick birds. Here's a link, scroll down to Infectious Coryza and read about it if you wish:
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  3. If I cull the sick birds, I cull my whole flock. Not really prepared to do that. What meds would you advice? Thanks for the help.
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    Coryza sometimes has a bad odor before using antibiotics. Sulfadimethoxine (Albon, Di-Methox) is a good drug for coryza if it is that. The reason that many choose to cull their flocks with coryza is that any birds you bring in will probably get it. You have to have a closed flock from now on until they die. If you do cull, you can clean and sanitize your coop, then get new birds in 3-4 weeks. These are just things to think about--I know it is very upsetting to think about losing your chickens.
  5. I'll look to see if I can find some Di-Methox. I would consider culling, except my neighbor's chickens were the ones who gave it to mine, and he won't treat them! That means no matter how many times I start over, it's still going to be there. I can't tell him what wrong either, since he's several years my senior.....
  6. Great news! Maybe? The chickens are showing improvement, but I'm to the limit on how many days I can give them the meds. How many days do I have to wait before I can start the meds again?
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    I'm confused about which meds you are talking about. Are you talking about the Tylan? You said you did 6 days of that. Before that, they were on Duramycin but you stopped that. Are you going to give them Tylan again, or are you going to stat Di-Methox now? Or did you mean you will start meds(Tylan) again after one gets sick again?
  8. Can't find Di-Methox. I meant Tylan. It's starting to be effective, but I can't give them more, so I was wondering when I can start it again.
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    After treating with Tylan and there are still problems, you can wait I think 3 days and give them another round. Also consider Mycoplasma which it may well be. I have had this in my chickens and although I have used Tylan with good results, I also experimented with a prescription human product I had on hand and it worked better.
    Google Mycoplasma in chickens and then look at the images.

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