HELP!!!! Roo Has Head Turned Comp. Upside

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    Ok, yesterday my Roo was perfect, no problems showing...nothing, today I went out, he is in a corner of the run, his head is compeletly turned upside down and over...hard to explain but if his head were dropped down, and then his head is turned over so his beak is up....I tried talking to him and he wont move from that I nudged him alittle with I was afraid he might not be in his right mind wanted to keep my distance...and he just moved when I nudged with my movement, other than that he stays in one place like I found him.....

    ANY IDEAS ANYONE????....I came in as it started to snow, he does have shelter with my others......
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    How old is your roo? It sounds like it could be crook neck to me which is usually caused by some head trauma, something fell on him or he took an extra hard peck to the head. There are a lot of great threads for crook neck on here so you might want to do a search. I treated my last one with Vit. E, selenium, and vitamins as well as neck massages for 3 weeks and he fully recovered. I can't remember the exact dose, I have it written down at home, but do a search, other folks have posted the dose you will need.
    If it is crook neck, he is not moving from his spot because he will have trouble walking, balance is all off, but if your head was like that, you would too. Good luck.
    I did a search, dlhunicorn posted this, I followed it and it saved my roo.
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