Help! Roosters!? Two Questionable EE / Ameraucanas


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Jul 17, 2016
Hi everyone, I need help! Do I have a pair of accidental roosters?!
I got six chicks from a reliable hatchery, hatched April 9 (~14 weeks). Two of them are supposed to be Amaraucana hens, although I'm beginning to think that both of those traits are in question. My black and white "girl" (Clara) stared crowing at me on Friday, and my red and white "girl" (Susan) thought that was such a great idea that she started crowing too!

Even after I restarted my heart, I'm still having trouble IDing their gender, since they both seem to be the same as each other without anyone else of their breed for comparison, and they seem to be more EEs than Amauraucanas. (I also have a pair of RI Reds and a pair of Silver Laced Wyandottes, all four of which are surely females and match their breed sister in development.)

Any insight into gender would be much appreciated! Let me know if you need clearer pictures; getting these two to sit still for any period of time is quite a feat.


Clara Barton (white and black) and Susan Beak Anthony (red and black)

Clara and Susan

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Well, considering that Susan has all the looks of a rooster, and Clara sat on the windowsill and crowed at me all morning, I'm going to say they're both roos!
The hatchery offered to trade me but I'm too attached, so I'm renaming them Clarence and Stew-san and hoping they don't fight!
Thanks! I was afraid of that, but I'm glad someone else confirmed it.

This is my first flock, I hope those two get along!

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