Help! Should I separate them?


7 Years
Jul 18, 2012
Carmel Valley, CA
My poults are less than 24 hours old, and they're pecking at each other's toes viciously - pecking relentlessly, picking them up, twisting them, trying to drag them off. They have food they've been eating (starter mash), but I guess their toes look more appetizing. Should I separate them until they stop hurting each other? These poults may be half wild, and they are already different from the domestics I've raised - more active, more curious, more pecky. :/
You could try putting something more interesting to them in there to be a "target" for picking on. Sounds like they are very curious and sampling everything. Oh those little toes look like a juicy yummy worm.....
They seem to like my wedding ring, so into the brooder it goes, lol. Are they too young for actual worms? I have starter mash, and was going to try some crumbled hard-boiled yolk.
Get some meal worms. Also, any small moths that are parked on walls near outdoor lights will be appreciated. Is the protein level of the starter mash around 30%? Need to nip this toe biting in the bud. If you can ID the worst offender, separate it out for a couple days.
Crowding/low protein level of feed is often associated with toe biting.
Thank you for the advice! Haha, they were pecking on each other's toes before they even ate solid food. Once I put the hard boiled egg yolk in, they started leaving each other's toes alone, though they still peck at them sometimes, even their own. They're a week old now and still eating chick starter and yolk, and I threw in some meal worms as well. I'll be on the lookout for moths!

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