Help!! showgirl lost a leg! *Update* 10-22-08


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Jan 25, 2008
Ok This evening when I was feeding I found my little showgirl hen with out a leg, it was ripped right out. The blood was all dried and it was no longer bleeding and I found the leg outside the pen, I think the neighbors dog stuck its head in, a part of the chainlink was ruined just big enough for a head. Anyway she was already to the point of hopping around so Im guessing it happend last night. John my FIL fed them this am but he said he did not notice it then but thats not to say she was not just under the coop or something. so she is hopping around on it to get where she wants to go though she does not go far. I brougt her in and put her in a box with food and water, she did eat but i have not seen her drink.

I googled and found 2 chickens that had amputated legs thet are alive evedently, I know hers was not surgicly removed but is there a chance? Just want some thoughts from you all before I cull her, she is so sweet.

PS: tomorrow we are adding ahotwire around the outside of the chicken pen. I am pretty sure I know whos dog it was but I have no proof, sure wish people would not just let their dogs roam around town.
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OMG! What a thing to find! So sorry for you and her.
If she is up and moving around, that is a good sign. Maybe it came off at a joint and sealed itself up good? Obviously she didn't lose too much blood, so that is a plus. I would give her antibiotics to prevent any infection and maybe some extra electrolytes. If she is up and around now, my guess is that unless an infection sets in, she'll be ok. She sounds like a tough little bird! I would watch her around the other chickens, though. They might attack her. I'd keep her inside for now. At least a week or two, til you know she is past the danger of infection.

Please keep us updated! Stupid neighbor and their stupid dog!

Well I think you should definiitely be cleaning it and giving her some oral or injectable antibiotics at this time. If she has survived this far there is a good chance she can survive unless an infection sets in. When you clean it though I would be careful not to 'dislodge' any blood clots. But I would soak the wound for a long time. I am thinking epsom salts, chlorhexidine and then coat the wound with betadine. And wash daily and recoat with betadine.
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We had this happen several years ago to a pigeon. She was in a rabbit hutch until she got used to her new home. A dog grabbed her toes through the bottom of the cage with 1/2 x 1" squares. Anyway, like you, we found her after her leg had stopped bleeding. She was hopping around. We sprayed blue kote on the wound so flies wouldn't get into it. Put her in a solid bottom cage with lots of bedding, food and water very close and let her heal. She did fine.
thanks for advise, I I would probly just culled her or rather had my fil do it but she had aalready stoped bleeding and was completly alert she did not even "apear" to be in distress, (I know of course she was but she did not act unusual)I did not even notice it till I picked her up becouse she was just siting there looking normal like she alwasy does.

Ill stop by and see if I can get some antibiotics in the morning. thanks for all the advise we will see what happens. I figure after all that she deservs a chance.
It might be a good idea to put hardware cloth around the bottom of your run so this won't happen again. I think with a few modifications your hen can still have a good life.
I found some penecilin in my fridg from when I needed it for a horse, how much should I give her and where do I give the injection? Also I have some horse electrolyts but I know there is diff kinds would this be good for her?

Thanks Kimberly
The injection could go in her breast muscle. Does she weigh 2 lbs?

My bantam Cochin weighs that and I gave him 1/4 of a cc. (ml) a day, still doing it.

I think i would wait on the electrolytes till you are done with the antibiotics. I would probably give them a long time.

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