HELP! sick chick


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11 Years
Mar 24, 2008
Northeast Florida
i have week-old chicks and one is sick. it was fine last night, but this morning it's sitting down with it's eyes closed and breathing heavily with his mouth open. the other chicks are fine, and no one has a pasty butt. they're in a bin with a heat lamp, and on newspaper with hardware cloth for traction. they have food (chick starter) and water, and i clean out their house every day, so conditions are good. does anyone know what may be wrong with my chick?
Have you seen this shick eat or drink? Why the hardware cloth and newpaper? You might want to get them on some pine shaveings. Much cleaner and easier on thier feet.
Some chicks just fail to survive. Dip its beak into the water, see if it will drink...boil an egg, and offer the crumbled yolk to it. Any food is better than nothing. Good luck with this baby.

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