Help Someone hit my Guinea on my road!!!


Dec 14, 2015
Hi all! And thank you for any advice in advance!!! I came home on Sunday to find that someone hit one of my babies on our road. Her leg is definitely broken and she has some nasty road rash. I want to give her the best chance possible to pull through, so this is how thing are currently.
I cleaned up her road rash and dressed the wounds on her body and feet. I cut down paint sticks to Popsicle stick size and splinted the leg and then wrapped it in vet wrap and duct tape. She is confined to a small dog cage with shavings, fresh water and feed. I gave her egg layers (high in calcium) as to help promote bone heeling along with other feed corn etc. the temp is not cold here so she is outside in her cage as to allow her feathered friends to visit. If the temp drops I'll bring her in barn put a lamp on her if needed. She is alert and seems relatively ok considering the trauma.

Anything else I should be doing? I think my biggest question is should I give her antibiotics to prevent infection? If so what kind? Thank you all!


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